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Microsoft Health Cloud API Release Notes

July 2016: Features and Improvements

  • The WorkoutPlanId field has been removed from GuidedWorkout Activities. This field contained values that were not relevant to Cloud API consumers, and the presence of this field caused some confusion. Since it was nullable, its deprecation should not be considered a breaking change.
  • Added ActiveSeconds to Summary

June 2016: Features and Improvements, New Hike Activities

  • Added Hike activities to the Activities API.
  • Added stepsTaken and exerciseTypeName to Activities.
  • Added FloorsClimbed to Summaries.
  • Added TotalScore to Golf Activities.
  • Added HolePar to Golf Segments.

January 2016: Features and Improvements

  • The Activities and Summaries APIs now return date time fields (e.g. startTime, endTime) in the time zone offset of the user when the data was recorded.

November 2015: Features and Improvements

  • Added uvExposure to the Activities and Summaries/Daily APIs. This represents the number of minutes a user was exposed to UV.
  • Added a new field, underHealthyHeart, to heartRateZones. This has the same value as underAerobic, and underAerobic will be deprecated in a future release.
  • MapPoints now return longitude and latitude correctly.
  • Sleep activities now return sleepType correctly.

July 2015: Technical Preview